Canine Country Academy
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At Canine Country, we approach behavior problems holistically:
looking at the whole dog – mind, body and emotion – to ascertain the root cause of behavior issues.
We work with the dog and owner, together, from the inside out.
Because we do not apply typical dog-training “band aids” to treat symptoms, we help you achieve longer and more lasting behavior changes.
When necessary, we also work closely with your veterinary team.
To ensure that any behavior issues potentially caused by physical problems are brought to light,
and that any physical problems can be remedied by a veterinarian expert.
If fact, we are proud to have many great cross consulting relationships with veterinary clinics in the area.



Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team


We are committed to providing our clients with serious training that delivers serious results, Utilizing the accepted principles of balance and positive influence. Lorenzo’s Dog Train Team trainers use proven techniques to help our clients and their canine companions develop better relationship & live together in harmony. Charla Seam / Pet Training & Behavior Consultant [email protected]